Cheers! The Unofficial Oscars Drinking Game

  • The Academy Awards are this Sunday! For those of you who want to use it as an excuse to kick back, IGN Entertainment has put together a drinking game. Enjoy, folks! Here are the rules:

    Sip your beer:
    • Whenever there is an awkward silence 
    • Music starts playing during an acceptance speech 
    • Ellen DeGeneres starts dancing 
    • When the camera shows Meryl Streep 
    • When someone says they "didn't prepare" a speech
    Take a shot:
    • If the censors miss a curse word 
    • If someone mentions Shia LeBeouf 
    • Someone starts uncontrollably crying 
    • If Meryl Street takes a shot
    Chug half a beer: 
    • If a celebrity trips going up the stairs 
    • Politics are brought up during an acceptance speech 
    • If a presenter butchers someone's name 
    • If someone praises Meryl Streep 
    Shotgun a beer: 
    • If Leonardo DiCaprio wins Best Actor 
    • If Jonah Hill wins Best Supporting Actor 
    • If Meryl Streep wins anything