Josh Sharp - Down To The River
The Fresh Preps - Don't Ask Me Why
Kings of Spade - Strange Bird
RootHub - Chasing Your Wake
Aidan James - One Of The Ones
Saving the Orphan - Stop Pretending
Random Weirdos - Take My Breath Away
Chaotic Five - Enter The Fallen
Paradox Lockdown - Stay
Ohtoro - Air Says Breathe (featuring Montclaire)
HiRiZ - Are You In
Johnny Helm - Banyan Tree
Rolling Fire - Spit You Out
Autumn Complex - Lullaby
Gabe Kidd - Pick Up Lines And Goodbyes
The Desert Sea - Slipping Away
Above Reproach Hawaii - Marshmallow
82fifty - Bad Dream
Erika Elona Music - Take It All
Busekrus - Say Goodbye
Dinosaurus X - Let Me In On It
Zach Manzano - A Beautiful Letdown
Delayed Resistance (dR) - Not Done Yet
Eleventh Hour - Love Don't Hate
Amanda Frazier - Best Of You
Sing The Body - Looking For You Once
Streetlight Cadence - After The Fall
The White Jacket - Rise Of The Phoenix
EMKE - My Own Enemy
The Bougies - Fancy B
Ignite the Red - One And Only