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'Dedicated' Ex-Chemist Was High at Work for 8 Years

No one noticed until the end that Sonja Farak was heavily abusing Mass. lab's drugs.
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New Ohio Roller Coaster Breaks 10 World Records (VIDEO)

Riders will reach a top speed of 75 mph as they’re flipped head-over-heels through three inversions'
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Radiohead NEW VIDEO: Burn The Witch

Radiohead deleted all their online content just days ago. Now this, a new video from the band. This stop animation video features a brand new song called "Burn the Witch"
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Kid Charged After Flashing Genitals in Yearbook Prank

Arizona's Hunter Osborn hit with 69 counts of indecent exposure
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New Collar Will Let Your Cat Speak To You

Your chance to chat with your cat isn't too far off!
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Couple Sues Snapchat, Alleges Filter Caused Car Crash

The pair says Snapchat's Speed Filter tempted a driver to go too fast.
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Jersey Man Charged Over $13K Toll Bill

He was caught driving without a license plate: agents
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7-Year-Old Is Saved After Falling Down 42-Foot Deep Well While Playing Outside

One brave firefighter attached to a rope was hoisted down the well to get the child
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German City Installs Lights In Ground For Text-and-Walkers

The town hopes the lights will keep people who use their smartphone as they walk safe.
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New App Can Detect Body Odor

Now you can wave your phone under your arm and find out how bad you smell.
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