I got a letter today from Dave Hayakawa informing me that the Diamondhead HUI has decided to cancel 2014 “Crazy, Sexy, GHOUL”.


Here's the message:

"The fact that you are receiving this message means that you have been a loyal supporter of the Diamondhead HUI over the years and I want you to know how much I appreciate that and that I hope that you will be part of our future plans. This decision was not made easily, but with 3800 guests at 2013 GHOUL and more expected this year, I decided that it was time to try something different.

The plan is to return in 2015 with an exclusive party of 1500 guests, where everybody in attendance knows somebody in the Diamondhead HUI. With only 1500 tickets, I’m confident that the party will sell-out immediately and as always, 100% of the ticket money goes to charity with my law firm covering the expenses. We considered reducing the size of the party this year, but telling 2500 people that they can’t get tickets seemed like a recipe for a disaster, so we decided to shut down for the year while we prepare for a new GHOUL in 2015.

I loved every GHOUL we have had, but sometimes bigger isn’t better. For those of you who were at the original “Parties on the slopes of Diamondhead”, then at Bedrock’s Halloween and “Screaming Tiki Beach Party”, to the terrific Mardi Gras parties at the W and the first GHOUL at the Plaza Club, those parties never had more than 800 guests and everyone had a great time. The two GHOUL parties upstairs at the Aloha Tower never had more than 1500 guests. It was only the past two years that we had more than 3000 guests. I am confident that 1500 is a perfect number of people to keep things fresh and exciting, but not so crowded that people we don’t know are in attendance.

So it is time to start something new! My party instincts tell me that a classy 2015 GHOUL filled with an exclusive group of friends, who share my vision of good people having a great time while partying for a cause, will allow us to successfully continue “Crazy, Sexy, GHOUL” into the future.

The Diamondhead HUI will continue our tradition of two cocktail parties each year, with “Crazy, Sexy, M” on Thursday, October 9th at 6pm at the M. We hope you can join us! In closing, we sincerely appreciate you letting us be a part of your Halloween over the years and we look forward to you joining us as we start it all over again in 2015!



It's sad to see the biggest party of the season go away, but there will be others.