Emo Nite Interview

Emo Nite is having their first official party in Honolulu on Friday, May 24th at The Republik!

Morgan Freed, co-founder of Emo Nite, answered some questions and chatted with me about coming to Hawaii for the first time, a brief history of Emo Nite, and the growth of a niche community.

If you missed out on my ridiculously long, sappy blog about Emo Nite last month, you'll know how much this event means to me. It's not just a party. It's not just some music thing. It's a community among the "emo kids" from back in the day. Words still cannot describe what this event is - nor can pictures or video - as Morgan mentioned in my interview. It's one of those events you have to experience for yourself. Once you're there, you get it.

Having played a small part in making it happen, I'm beyond excited to see how it goes.

Not writing an essay on this blog like I did last time. Hope you enjoyed my interview with Morgan. And most importantly, I hope to see you at Emo Nite. And if you're reading this after the event, I hope you went and had the time of your life.

xo, Ash