Several nonprofit organizations are supporting a charter amendment petition to regulate pesticides and the growth of genetically modified organisms on Kauai. Kauai groups pushing for the charter amendment include Kauai Rising, Kauai Fresh Farms, ‘Ohana o Kaua‘i, the Kauai Alliance for Peace and Social Justice, and GMO Free Kauai. The effort comes after a Maui group with a website called shakamovement-dot-org submitted petition to the Maui county clerk with the required number of signatures to put an initiative on the general election ballot that would call for a conditional ban on GMOs. The proposed amendment is similar to Kauai's Ordinance 960 which requires large agricultural companies to disclose the type of pesticides they use, growth of GMOs and establish buffer zones. However, the difference is that under the proposed charter amendment, agribusinesses would need to prove their operations are safe and will not harm human health and the environment. The petition needs to be submitted to the county by May 22.