StefMuzic Hawaii (OFFICIAL) - Maui Song
Hearios - Hello It's Me Again
Above Reproach Hawaii - Man Behind The Curtain
Eleventh Hour - Love Don't Hate
The Art Of Whimsy - Love Is A Dangerous Road
The White Jacket - Rise Of The Phoenix 
surewhynot - Tangerines
MAKANA Music - Nectarine
Anygivenchance - Sunsets
CommonGround - The Ends
Busekrus - I Know A Girl
RootHub - Barefoot Nightlife
Erika Elona Music - Same Blue Sky
Tavana - Desert Rain
Broke Aesthetic - Fiction Writer
Kevin Jones - Heads Against The Wall
Johnny Helm - Banyan Tree
Delayed Resistance (dR) - Not Done Yet
the deadbeats - Hollapenos
Dinosaurus X - Let Me In On It
Aidan James - One Of The Ones
Sing The Body - Sideways
The Bougies - Fancy B
Kings of Spade - Sweet
Balloonatix - Strange
Anton Glamb - Broken Bottles
Kody Riehl - Me Me Me
Random Weirdos - Take My Breath Away
Saving The Orphan - Awakening
Amanda Frazier - Seattle Rain
Green Light Go - T.R.O.