A friend of mine, who is an amazing chef and ever persistent restaurateur, has been working on a new project for some time and is finally ready to reveal the concept. Take a look the at the email I received from Bob McGee, about Meatball Honolulu, a new restaurant coming to Kapahulu.





We are so stoked to announce this, that we didn't wait.
Turns out, we didn't invent the meatball, but that's ok.
What we have done is built a great little shop that you can call home.
845 Kapahulu Ave. You may remember it as the old LaBamba space, right across from Safeway.
Yes, the product is local, unless someone else can do it better. They make realllly great Parmesan cheese in Parma, so we are going to let them take care of that for us.  They grow some reallllly nice beef on Kauai, so we'll get that there.  You get it, right?
-It's sit down, or take out, we have about 30 seats.
-It's counter service, so you get to talk to Erica, and that's great.
-We'll be open Monday thru Saturday 11a-2p
and Tuesday thru Saturday 5p-9p
-It's BYOB, but we'll be using all eco friendly ware, so BYO glasses too!
-There's free parking out back on Mokihana st. at the acupuncture place,
btw, they are really great!
The menu works like this:
1 - pick your balls
2 - pick your sauce
3 - how do you want it? hoagie, risotto, side of greens, 2 scoops?
4 - maybe pick a salad or some crispy calamari.
Super easy to order, and very short wait time for your meal.
We've put a lot of thought into getting the food to you quick, without sacrificing quality, and it turns out, it's doable here!
Please check us out on your favorite social media device.
We're on Twitter and Instagram at @meatballhawaii
or just type meatballhawaii on Facebook
We are just getting started, so the story line is easy to follow!
Can't tell you how excited we are to get you fed, thanks for your patience,
and hope to see ya soon!
Mahalo and Aloha
Bob and Erica McGee
Congratulations, Bob!  I can't wait to eat.